gut glory

By nerdo

Gut health = brain health.

Colourful, circular and swirling with healthy energy, Gut Glory gives you the freedom to be yourself, whoever you are, and this is exactly what we’re representing in our beautiful vivacious film. It’s about feeling not just good – or even great – but GLORIOUS. Nerdo loves the idea of punk, with all its connotations of rebellion, cut-up improvisations and home-made analogue techniques, but they want to twist it slightly. Nerdo prefers to call it “pop-punk”, taking it away from any sense of aggression and focussing instead on energy, freedom, rhythm and glory.

Our commercial for the new brand launched by Müller is a celebration of individuality, all about the joy of living and loving who you are, banishing ideas of “norms” or “standards”. The team used a mixed media approach with a positive, vibrant language and an analogue touch, underlining the message of the commercial: “Go out, and feel free to be your glorious self!”